A National program to provide promotion, advertising and marketing opportunities through a well organised series of underage development clinics and learning situations throughout Australasia.

GAELIC KICK & GO GAMES are simple non-contact and very enjoyable round ball games for boys and girls aged Under 8 through to Under 12 interested in developing their ball handling skills and having a great deal of fun in a safe and secure environment.

They are specially modified game for underage players based on the adult game of Gaelic Football.

Gaelic Kick & Go Games
These clinics target young boys and girls in Under 8, Under 10, Under 12 age groups.
The clinics are conducted by nationally accredited coaches and clinic managers and include the following:

Introduction to the game
Video viewing of GO GAMES
Individual teaching and practicing of the skills of the game
Smartplay principles of warming up, drinking up, stretching and warm down.
Small group skill practice activities
Simple game form practices
Playing a game

For further information go to the State Club section of the website to view contact details for each State.